Green Initiative: Guidebook

As a green initiative, the MMPC agreed to use Guidebook for JMIH 2017. Guidebook is a smart device “App” that replaces paper program books. JMIH spends $3000+ a year on paper printing. Guidebook eliminates this expense and also makes the conference greener.

Additionally, the app allows for instantaneous updates and announcements to be made for more efficient communication. Access all the information available in the program book at the touch of your finger. Create your own schedule, participate in live polls and so much more!

An email will be sent to registrants explaining how Guidebook will replace their paper programs before they arrive at JMIH 2017. See details below on how you can still receive a paper copy of the program.

 What is Guidebook?

Guidebook is an engaging digital community with personalized content, timely discussions and purposeful networking. Organizers, sponsors, and attendees can all join the conversation. We can build it to fit our needs and to advance our conference through improved communication, enhanced information sharing, and enriched involvement.

What does Guidebook do?

Link to YOUR JMIIH Guidebook!

Can I still get a printed program?

Yes! When participants check in, a paper program will not be included in their conference bag. Volunteers will then ask if the participants would like a paper copy of the program; thus, for JMIH 2017, a limited number of paper copies will still be available. For future meetings, if a participant requires a hard-copy of the program book, a PDF of the program book will be available to download and meeting-goers will be advised to print a hard-copy of the program before arrival at JMIH.

How to Start Using Guidebook

Use guidebook one of two ways: online or through the app.

Access JMIH’s Guidebook online at this link.

Download the app by following this link or by following the instructions below:

  1. Access your App Store on an Apple product or the Google Play Store on an Android to download the Guidebook App.
  2. Once downloaded, the app opens up to a landing page – click “Download Guide”
  3. Tap search “JMIH” or use the QR Code below!
  4. You will need to login to create your own schedule and to fully utilize the app.

Still having trouble? Please contact for additional help.

Check Guidebook’s End User Tutorial!

Searching Guidebook

You will need to be on a main page, i.e. “Welcome to JMIH” or “General Information” to search for a person’s last name, etc.  Otherwise, it will only search the one day you have selected and you will not get all of the possible results.










If you prefer a printed program, the one linked here is the most up-to-date.  Please feel free to print your own copy.
2017 JMIH Program Book_ Web version 7-07-17 (PDF)

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