Hotel Reservation Info


Please ask for the JMIH room block when making your reservation.


Save on hotel rooms and Find a Roommate*!

*Once you register to attend the JMIH, you will be provided, via an email, with the link to the Roommate Finder form. Once you have entered your information into this Roommate Finder form, you will receive an email with additional instructions and a link to a list of others who are looking for roommates.


For those of you planning to attend the upcoming meetings in Snowbird, please be aware of possible phishing scams about housing and hotel reservations. There is no official housing bureau for the JMIH. All reservations are to be made directly at the hotel from either the online form or calling the number above.  Neither K-State nor the hotel makes outbound calls for reservations/sales. If you are contacted by any agency offering to make your hotel reservations for the JMIH, we urge you to not use their services and report this to the K-State coordinator, Cara Richardson, immediately. The rooms these agencies offer are usually at higher rates, are non-refundable and/or carry a significant cancellation penalty.


When booking your hotel please try to book in the conference block.  We know that, for many attendees, finding the lowest possible hotel rate is paramount, and we are aware that often people choose to stay on the outskirts of town and then choose to drive to the meeting each day.

It certainly is your choice as to where to stay during the meeting, but please understand that commitments are made to the host hotel that a specified number of hotel rooms will be occupied by our meeting attendees. In exchange for the hotel room occupation, we are provided with complimentary meeting space, along with many other cost-saving concessions.

The organizing societies continue to make every effort to keep costs to a minimum for those attending the JMIH. We ask for your help in assuring that there are no negative financial implications for the societies and the membership.

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