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Canadian Herpetological Society Symposium

Effects of Climate Change on Northern Populations of Reptiles and Amphibians

Date: Friday, July 13, 2018

This theme encompasses range expansions and contractions that may be ascribed to climate change, eco-physiology and adaptations of populations to different climate regimens (of particular interest where range expansion is precluded by geographic and anthropogenic factors), shifts in phenology, potential effects on food sources, expansion of disease, and the climate-driven explosion of invasive species affecting local herpetofaunal populations.  Although northern range expansion is a likely outcome for organisms that do well at the periphery of their ranges, others may be negatively affected as warming often comes with different precipitation regimes that could obviate the reasons that some relict or disjunct populations persist at southern latitudes.  This theme will also be used as a pretext to talk about critical habitats (hibernation, reproduction), ecological interactions (competition, predation), habitat protection, migration corridors, international collaboration for habitat protection (policy), and more philosophical questions about whether or not to take conservation action.  For example, climate niche simulations predict that species range distributions will shrink in the south and expand in the north for some amphibian and reptile species.  If we want “zero net loss”, should we create/maintain in Canada the habitat area predicted to be lost in the USA?  The topic of international collaboration fits with the resolutions signed by government in Quebec, the Atlantic Provinces, and the New England states (winter 2017) to promote connectivity within and among states/provinces in a conservation and climate change context.  This symposium will be of interest to our US and European colleagues who work on animals in northern climates.

Chair: Jackie Litzgus