Information For Presenters

As you consider submitting a proposal to present at the 37th Academic Chairpersons Conference in February 2020, you may find the following information useful. We look forward to recognizing your innovative ideas and leadership strategies, and to provide this opportunity to share your best practices with colleagues from around the nation.

The following contains guidelines to assist selected presenters prepare for the conference.

Presentation Guidelines

To view detailed information on presentation content, timing, rehearsal, discussion, and room set, please read the Guidelines for Presenters (.pdf).

Preparation of Your Electronic Presentation

Equipment in Your Presentation Room

Handouts You Provide to Participants

Every presenter is encouraged to provide handouts to participants who attend your presentation. Participants will use these to follow along, act as a visual aid during the presentations, a place to take notes, and then become a resource after the conference. In 36 years of this conference, it has become apparent that attendees want handouts from every session they attend.

Uploading Your Presentation Materials

Presenters are encouraged to share their presentation with the public by uploading final presentation documents and papers to our New Prairie Press site. All uploaded materials will be included in the Conference Proceedings. You may share all, some, or none of your materials. When you are ready to upload, download the steps for How to Upload Presentation Materials.

Presenters may upload handouts, PowerPoints, and other materials to New Prairie Press. You may also submit a written paper for the proceedings, which is highly encouraged.

All final presentation materials you wish to submit be uploaded by March 6, 2020, after which the conference proceedings will be published.

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