Presenter Instructions

Here is some information that you may find helpful in preparing your presentation.


We are asking presenting authors to submit a photo and provide the requested identification information for the photo by Friday, March 2, 2018 (midnight central time zone).  Photos will be published with the title of the presentation on the conference “Schedule” webpage.

Contributed Talks

Contributed talks are scheduled at 30-minute intervals. You should plan your talk so that it is about 25 minutes long. This allows for the requisite time to transition between speakers (switch microphones, make introductions, pass out any handouts you may have, etc.) and usually leaves time for a question or two or a short discussion with the audience. As you give your talk, student timers will help you keep track of the time, giving you alerts as to how much time you have remaining.

You should bring the slides for your talk to the conference in a generally accepted electronic format (PowerPoint is the most common). Most speakers bring a flash drive, but be sure that you have a back-up copy somewhere; accidents do happen. Visit with the student coordinators in the time preceding your session and they will get your presentation mounted on the computer for your use at the appropriate time.

Handouts are not required, but some find them helpful. If you wish to have handouts, usually 100 will be enough.

Poster Presentations

The posters will be displayed on tables around the outside of the room where the conference attendees take breaks. We will provide backing boards that are 28″ by 40″ to which you can tack your displays, as well as tacks with which to fasten them. Each presenter may use two of these boards, and you may orient them however you like.

Please put your poster up by 7 a.m. Monday and keep it on display for the entire length of the conference. Time for poster presentations will be allocated throughout the conference.