David Banks Faculty Department of Statistical Science Duke University

David L. Banks 
Professor of the Practice of Statistics
Duke University
Workshop:  Statistical and Machine Learning


Dr. Ralph O'Brien, May 2016 Keynote

Ralph O’Brien
Retired Professor of Biostatistics
Case Western Reserve University
Workshop: Applying Deming’s Principles for Management and Teaching to Spur Excellence in Research


Christopher K. Wikle

Christopher K. Wikle
University of Missouri
Predictive Modeling of Agricultural Characteristics Using Spatio-Temporal Models with Multiple Information Sources and Scales of Variability
Workshop: Statistics for Spatio-Temporal Data


Gustavo A. de los Campos

Gustavo A. de los Campos
University of Alabama
Analysis & Prediction of Complex Traits Using High-Dimensional Genomic Data
Workshop:  Statistical Methods for Genome-Enabled Prediction of Complex Traits


Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright
DuPont Pioneer
Show Me the Variation
Workshop: Statistical Graphics in Agriculture


Rob Tempelman

Rob Tempelman
Michigan State University
Beyond the Generalized Linear Mixed Model: A Hierarchical Bayes Perspective
Workshop: Applied Bayesian Inference for Agricultural Statisticians


Walter Stroup

Walter Stroup
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
GLMM and “the Basics” – Paradigm Shift or Just My Imagination?
Workshop: Living with Ge

neralized Linear Mixed Models in Agriculture


Susanne May

Susanne May
University of Washington, Seattle
Challenges of Applied Survival Analysis and Applied Statistics in General
Workshop: Applied Survival Analysis