A Word About Signing on the Dotted line: Don’t.

Did you know… only K-State President Kirk Schulz and university officers designated by him, as certified to the General Counsel for the Board of Regents, are authorized to execute contracts on behalf of the university? For contracts related to conferences and noncredit programs, Sue Maes, dean of K-State Global Campus, and Jeff Wolfe, director of conferences and noncredit programs at K-State Global Campus, have signing authority.

Did you know… contracts must be with the university and not individual colleges, departments or divisions—and certainly not individual faculty or staff?

Did you know… a contract is defined as any agreement or promise that obligates K-State in some way, including action, payment, performance of services, or liability? Contracts can take many forms, including memoranda of understanding or agreement, rental agreements, personal services agreements (such as speaker contracts), licensing agreements, and so on. The term “contract” also includes any amendment or modification to a contract.

Did you know… the dean of K-State Global Campus and the director of the conference services office work with the university Office of General Counsel to ensure contracts that are negotiated and signed on behalf of the university are in compliance with state law as well as Kansas Board of Regents and university policies?

Did you know… the State of Kansas Contractual Provisions Attachment (DA-146a) must be incorporated into all contracts with the university? And did you know there was such a thing as the DA-146a?

Finally, did you know the conferences services office at K-State Global Campus is here to help you? Our conference professionals are highly trained and have expertise in negotiating hotel, catering, venue, transportation and other contracts that are cost-effective and legally responsible for your program and for the university.

Leave the wherebys, therefores, heretos, and addendums to us. And remember, don’t sign on that dotted line!

For more information about university contracts, go to http://www.k-state.edu/policies/ppm/3000/3070.html.