Selecting the Right Venue–A Critical Planning Decision

When you partner with our conference services team to select a venue for your event, we consider all aspects of your meeting and ask detailed questions to help you make informed decisions. Selecting the right venue is critical to the success of your meeting!

Site selection considerations include:

  • Event profile. Is this a one-time or recurring event? What is the event type (conference, workshop, seminar, etc.)? Is it local, regional, national or international in scope? If it’s been held in the past, when and where was it held and what was the attendance?
  • Dates and times. What are the start and end dates? Are there pre- or post-conference meetings and activities? Are exact dates known? What dates are desirable? What dates should be avoided?
  • Attendee profile. What is the expected attendance? Where will they be coming from and how will they get to the meeting venue?
  • Accommodations. How many sleeping rooms are needed and for what days? What rate will attendees be willing to pay? When will they be arriving? Departing? Will attendees share rooms?
  • Meeting space. How many meeting rooms are required for general sessions and breakouts? What is the projected group size for each? Can the rooms adequately accommodate group size and room setup? What audiovisual equipment is necessary and who provides it?
  • Food and beverage. How many meals and breaks? What are the average costs? Is the food and beverage minimum quoted by the venue affordable and attainable? How are dietary requests handled?
  • Transportation. Does the hotel offer shuttle service? Is there a cost? What type of service is available (e.g., airport shuttle, transportation to venues within a certain radius of the hotel, etc.)?
  • Concessions. Is internet complimentary in guest rooms? Meeting rooms? Can we get complimentary sleeping rooms based on the total number of rooms sold? What about complimentary or reduced-fee parking for meeting attendees? What else can be negotiated to maximize the benefit to your event?
  • Contractual issues. Can the hotel negotiate on contractual issues pertaining to attrition, cancellation, payments, and other clauses so the contract complies with State of Kansas policies and regulations and mitigates risk to the university?
  • Shipping, security, safety, emergency procedures, accessibility and a multitude of other considerations.

Our job is to oversee the site selection process and other conference logistics so you can focus on the conference program. We desire to work on your behalf to represent the university professionally and responsibly.