CELA 2015 Conference, March 24-28, 2015

Conference Tracks

There are a total of thirteen conference tracks for CELA 2015. These tracks are subject to additions or modifications, depending upon deliberations of the conference planning committee.

The two (2) special conference themes tracks are:

incite Change | Change insight Special Conference Theme Publication Track

All authors submitting to this track are expected to submit papers for review.

incite Change | Change insight Film Track

Authors submitting to this track are expected to present all or part of a film at the conference during the Thursday, March 26, 2015 evening film screening and authors have the option of submitting a paper for review.

The eleven (11) established CELA tracks are:

Communication and Visualization

Communication and Visualization Track accepts papers, panels or posters that propose or explore new approaches or innovative advancements in the teaching or application of design communication methods.

Design Education and Pedagogy

Design Education and Pedagogy Track accepts papers, panels or posters that illuminate and help improve understanding of the purposes of design education and the uses of curriculum and pedagogy as strategies for serving these purposes. Papers should refer to and build on literature on education, teaching, learning and design. Reflective accounts or evaluations of educational practice, critiques of contemporary educational practices and proposals for more focused and influential educational practices are welcome.

Design Implementation (LA CES track)

Design Implementation Track (LA CES track) accepts papers, panels or posters that discuss innovative construction technologies and materials, development of new standards and best management practices. Topics such as stormwater management, low impact development techniques, stream restoration, wetlands, etc., are welcome.

History, Theory and Culture

History, Theory and Culture Track accepts papers, panels or posters that discuss land use, planning and design from prehistory to the present. Papers are typically presented as a theoretical discourse in areas such as urban theory, social and cultural theory, environmental philosophy, environmental ethics and historical narrative.

Landscape Performance (LA CES track)

Landscape Performance Track (LA CES track) accepts papers, panels or posters that explore the impact of landscape projects of various types and scales through the observation and measurement of environmental, economic and social benefits. Paper topics might include case studies, methods of observation or measurement, predictive models of benefits, new research on the benefits of landscape, and theoretical frameworks for landscape performance.

Landscape Planning and Ecology (LA CES track)

Landscape Planning and Ecology Track (LA CES track) accepts papers, panels or posters that discuss landscape form and function, landscape ecology, natural drainage systems and constructed wetlands, sustainable coastal margins, urban forestry, wildlife habitat conservation, greenways and other topics related to planning and characterizing the environment. Topics related to environmentally friendly development codes are also covered.

People-Environment Relationships

People-Environment Relationships Track accepts papers, panels or posters that explore the human experience of place and the human dimensions of design. In this approach, the environment is conceived broadly, encompassing not only the natural and the built environment but also the way that social, cultural, political and economic forces influence the appearance, meanings and uses of space. Topics within this track include psychological responses to the environmental, the behavioral impacts of the environment, attitudes, behavior and socio-cultural factors related to the design of human spaces, and the effect of public policies and regulation on quality of life.

Research and Methods

Research and Methods Track accepts papers, panels or posters that discuss quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods for landscape design and planning; case studies, GIS mapping, spatial analysis and design support system; statistical and computational modeling of landscapes; information technologies and design.

Service-Learning and Community Engagement

Service-Learning and Community Engagement Track accepts papers, panels or posters that discuss teaching and research-based scholarship resulting from collaborations between university and community partners. This track seeks papers that deepen and promote dialogue and understanding of such things as the theory and practice of interrelating community service and engagement with teaching, learning, evaluation and research, and the pedagogy of service-learning and participatory action research, to name a few.

Sustainability (LA CES track)

Sustainability Track (LA CES track) accepts papers, panels or posters that discuss innovative ways to design, build, and/or restore, urban, suburban and rural environments that address ecological, social, ethical, and economic issues associated with sustainability. The track encourages papers that illustrate methods for reducing environmental impacts, regenerating used and degraded landscapes and promoting change as a means to an end.

Urban Design

Urban Design Track accepts papers, panels or posters that discuss issues such as the design of pedestrian space and alternative transportation, sustainable urbanism, active living by design and the arrangement of urban space and place.