Executive Education

An organization’s ability to learn,

and translate that learning into action rapidly,

is the ultimate competitive advantage.

– Jack Welch

Executive Education

Mastermind Groups. Strategic Insights. Accountability.

You need them. Do you have them?

Being a Leader is About Results

Executive Education training programs by Kansas State University provide you with the tools to be an effective leader and to build a high-performance organization. Dynamic round-table discussions create an immersive experience featuring subject matter experts, consultants, executives and strategists providing guidance every step of the way. Program participants will learn to build and lead high-performing organizations in an ever-changing, fast-paced world marketplace.

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A program designed for executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are ready to take themselves and their organizations to a high level of performance. The Executive Coach transforms the company culture, improves employee engagement and increases productivity and return on investments.

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A program for mid-level managers that will develop a high level of leadership and will provide actionable coaching to implement organization wide changes. The Strategic Leader creates lasting change and enhanced involvement and productivity by all staff.

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Where the rubber meets the road. Training frontline leaders will enhance strategies and innovation skills for the entire workforce to develop a high-performing organization.

Why Our Executive Education Program is Different

Our programs provide a concentrated learning environment where leadership development sticks with you and improves your organizational effectiveness. Participation in our programs is by an application and selection process. Your learning experience will include:

  • Round-table discussions that provide opportunities to network with proven executives from a variety of industries and to build strong professional relationships.
  • Teaching from industry leaders, consultants, executives and faculty serving as subject-matter experts.
  • Dedicated coaching at each round table session. Coaches will provide one-on-one accountability session(s) between each quarterly workshop.
  • Extensive accountability to practice techniques learned during the sessions. Participant will complete a reading assignment and various action items for each session.