Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

JMIH 2019 Poster Session 1 Schedule

JMIH 2019 Poster Session 2 Schedule

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Guidelines for Poster Presentations

Poster presentations offer an excellent opportunity for interaction between presenter and audience, allowing a more extensive exchange of ideas. A larger audience is likely to view a poster, and a poster allows greater flexibility in presentation. All poster presentations will be displayed at the Special Event Center of the Snowbird Center (The Lodge at Snowbird), among the exhibits, to provide maximum visibility. All poster boards are numbered. The title and author will be posted on each board as well. Because some posters are part of competitions, it is important that each presenter place their poster in the correct location. Set up is from 9 a.m. to noon on the day of your presentation. At least one author must be present during the entire poster session time period. Please have your poster up by noon to give time for attendees to view it before the scheduled poster session. You must remove your poster immediately after your presentation at 6 p.m. Maximum size is 4 feet (height) by 8 feet (width) and will be erected back to back. Presenters are responsible for bringing their own push pins and/or other materials to secure posters to the boards.


AFTER MAY 1, If you plan to cancel your presentation, make an edit to your title, make a change in speakers, change in presentation dates, etc., please fill out the information HERE. If you are making a change to more than one presentation (such as a Poster and an Oral), fill out the information separately (i.e. fill out the information for the oral presentation, then on another line fill out the information for the poster presentation). Updates will be made as soon as possible and will be noted on the document when the request is completed.

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