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Careers and Best Practices in Natural History Collections

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Silver Room, Rochester Riverside Hotel

The Carl Gans workshop is dedicated to the style and substance of Dr. Carl Gans. 

*Limit of 40 people:  To be eligible for this event, you must register at https://www.enrole.com/ksu/jsp/session.jsp?sessionId=211901&courseId=JMIH&categoryId=10009 for it at the time of your conference registration to attend JMIH 2018 in Rochester, NY.  

James Erdmann (Wyoming Game and Fish Department)


ASIH Ichthyological and Herpetological Collections Committee has organized a workshop to familiarize collections staff with a few best practices for managing collections, using next-gen resources, and provide career advice to the next generation of museum professionals. In the first part, fluid preservation expert John Simmons will discuss the importance of, and strategies for, properly preserving specimens. Simmons will also cover some of the most common issues faced by fluid collections and provide resources for ameliorating these problems. Katherine Maslenikov will supplement Simmons’ discussion, detailing nuances of fish preservation and discussing shipping considerations for fluid specimens. In addition, she will discuss the topics of partnering with local federal and state agencies to build collections, strategies for managing very large collections, and the importance of public outreach. Next, Dr. Ed Stanley will discuss acquiring and using next-gen 3D tools. He will provide demonstrations for using CT scan data and touch on a handful of practical uses for this method. The last hour of the workshop is dedicated to students and other emerging professionals interested in learning about a career working in natural history collections. The discussion panel (Drs. David Blackburn, Caleb McMahan, Kyle Piller, and Carol Spencer) will share their academic/research histories and how that has tied in to their current museum positions. Attendees will be allowed to ask the presenters questions about their experiences in their current positions to gauge the interests and skills necessary for a job in natural history collections. The panel members have a range of backgrounds working in small and large, private and public ichthyology and herpetology collections, and will share how these factors tie into their ability to work with the collections and overall career satisfaction. Coffee and lunch provided.


John Simmons (Museologica)
Katherine Maslenikov (UW Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture)
Dr. Ed Stanley (Florida Museum of Natural History)
Dr. David Blackburn (Florida Museum of Natural History)
Dr. Caleb McMahan (Chicago Field Museum)
Dr. Kyle Piller (Southeastern Louisiana University Vertebrate Museum)
Dr. Carol Spencer (UC Berkley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology)

Questions? Contact James Erdmann at muddynaturalist@gmail.com.


Principally funded by the Gans Collections and Charitable Fund, Inc       



Also Supported by Alcomon 

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