2016 Presentations

Fifth National Rural Grocery Summit
Hyatt Regency
Wichita, Kansas
June 6-7, 2016
Providing Healthy Food Access to Rural America

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#1:  Accessing Funds for Your Rural Grocery Store

Moderator:  Donna Schenck-Hamlin


#2: Business Transition: Succession Planning

Moderator:  Nancy Daniels


#3: Conducting Community Food Assessments

Moderator:  Kolia Souza


#4: Understanding Rural Grocery Owner Challenges / Customer Needs

Moderator:  Hikaru Peterson


#5: Aggregating Food Operations: Food Hubs

Moderator:  Eileen Horn


#6: Accessing Funds for Your Rural Grocery Store

Moderator:  Tina Khan


#7: Innovative Models of Rural Grocery Operations

Moderator:  Nancy Daniels


#8: Encouraging Rural Customers to Shop Healthy

Moderator:  Ron Wilson


#9: Increasing Healthy Food Options for Rural and Diverse Populations

Moderator:  Shannon Martin


#10: Strengthening Access to Healthy Foods

Moderator:  Kolia Souza


#11: Rural Grocery Best Practices

Moderator:  Tina Khan


#12: Food Distribution: Challenges and Solutions

Moderator:  Elizabeth Burger


#13:  Policies to Strengthen Healthy Food Access 

Moderator:  Leslie Wilson


#14:  Mapping Food Access

Moderator:  Tina Khan


#15: Increasing Healthy Food Access in Your Community

Moderator:  Kolia Souza