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The Scholer-Peterson Concrete Conference is dedicated to promoting and improving the production, use, and placement of quality concrete and concrete products.

Charles H. Scholer, former professor and head of the Department of Applied Mechanics at Kansas State University, was for many years an outstanding researcher, educator, and consultant to the concrete industry.

Charles Scholer was past president of the American Concrete Institute and the Kansas Engineering Society. He received the Distinguished Service Award of the Highway Research Board in 1948, the Award of Merit of the American Society of Testing Materials in 1960, the Turner and Wason Awards of the American Concrete Institute and, in 1964, was named Kansas Engineer of the Year.

Loyd Peterson has devoted over 50 years to the construction and concrete industries in Kansas. As a K-State Civil Engineering graduate, he started his training with Martin K. Eby Construction and then served 30 years in promotion and educational work with Portland Cement Association. In semi-retirement Loyd has been a Concrete Consultant in both private practice and for Monarch Cement Company.

Loyd Peterson founded and guided the Scholer Conference in the early years and played a major role in all of the concrete associations in Kansas. No one person has had such a long and positive impact on the Kansas concrete industry.

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